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Blue Valley Circular Flanging and Shearing Machines for Tanks and Circular Vessels for the Petro Chemical, Food and Distillery Trades.

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Flanging Machines Models 3 / 4 / 6 / 8 & 9

The Blue Valley line of Flanging Machines gives customers a simple and affordable alternative means of producing a variety of work pieces using an operation that has a less-stressful effect on the material than competitive methods.
The method is a bending or breaking action, much like a press brake, except the work piece is rotating. The upper roll on all our machines supplies this rotational drive and, at the same time, is the focal point where the flange is formed. Thus, the inside radius (knuckle radius) is determined by the radius machined on to the interchangeable upper roll.

Standard Blue Valley Flanging machines are readily adaptable to special applications. The required custom tooling and set-up can be designed by us or from customer supplied drawings.

The machine ratings are in mild steel. Blue Valley Flanging Machines are suited for other types of materials, however, when stainless steel or high strength alloys are used, machine capacities must be down-rated.


Bulldog Flanging Machine

Flanging Machine Parameters Technical Parameters (Model No. 8) :
  • As standard equipment, for flat (flanged only style) heads.   Options - Dished head attachments and motorized carriage to assist positioning work piece.
  • 1" (25 mm) max. / 14 ga. (2 mm) min. thickness.
  • 20' (6000 mm) max. / 28" min. diametre.
  • 3/8" (10 mm) and 1" (25 mm) knuckle radii are the standard upper flat head rolls supplied.
  • 2" (50 mm) 3-1/2" (90 mm) and 5-3/4" (150 mm) 7-1/4" (185 mm) and 8" (200 mm) knuckle radii are the standard dished head rolls and must be purchased seperately.
  • 20 HP drive motor - 3 HP, 20 gal. free-standing hydraulic power unit.
  • Crated shipping weight - 12,800 lbs.

Tube Flanger

If your current manufacturing process requires you to weld rolled angles on to the ends of your tubes to produce a flanged tube, Blue Valley Machine & Manufacturing can save you time and money.

Since 1965, Blue Valley has been building a specialty machine that is used widely by tube axial fan manufacturers and a variety of other industries that require a fabricated, flanged tube in their product line.
The Blue Valley Tube Flanger is easy to operate and, for example, will create a flange on the ends of a 30" (760 mm) diameter tube in 3 to 4 minutes. A clean and precise flange on one or both ends of the tube has a neater, cleaner appearance...the sign of a superior quality finished product.

The standard Blue Valley Tube Flanger will flange one or both ends, individually, of prepared tubes in a range of sizes, from 15" (380 mm) up to 60" (1525 mm) in diameter.

A 12" (300 mm) minimum diameter capacity is a factory installed option at time of purchase.
Tube lengths, from 8" (205 mm) up to 60" (1525 mm) can be flanged with standard length upper channels.
Tube thickness, from 1/16" (1.5mm) to 1/4"(6mm) can be flanged from mild steel. Other materials such as aluminum, galvanized steel and stainless steel are also suitable for use in the Blue Valley Tube Flanger.
Flange heights are primarily determined by the diameter of the tube, a good rule of thumb is 7 to 8 percent of the diameter equals the maximum height of flange before the tube will distort. A material that is high in ductility will also be beneficial. A flange height of 2 1/4" (57 mm) is the maximum the machine will allow.


Tube Flanger

Technical Parameters:
  • 5 HP - Drive Motor.
  • 1 HP, 10 Gal. - free-standing hydraulic power unit.
  • Crated shipping weight - 4000 lbs.

Model 10 - Flange Spinning Machine with Hydraulic Tracer

The Model 10 is unique when compared to the other machines we manufacture, because it employs a spinning method to form the work piece. Using a tracing valve, similar to what is used on a profile mill, the Model 10 is capable of automatically following the profile of the upper forming die.

The accurate repeatability and speed of operation are superior to most competitors machines. Additionally, higher straight flanges are another advantage that the Model 10 has to offer.


Flanging Machine

Model 87 Elliptical

Click here to view Video of Blue Valley Model 87

Over the past 50 years, Blue Valley Elliptical Head machines have set the industry standard for quality, dependability and productivity. Today's Model 87 continues that tradition of excellence.

Used primarily for truck and trailer tank heads, the Model 87 is readily adaptable to the manufacturing of other shapes and products, and for a variety of shearing and flanging needs.
Using a template of 1/8 " (3 mm) thick material shaped and sized to finished dimensions, the machine will shear and flange the work piece with the ability to obtain overall size and flange height in one setup.
No hole is required in the work piece, but a 1" x 2" x 6" long channel must be positioned and tack welded to hold the head in place, while working.
The machine is entirely self contained and all functions can be easily controlled by one operator. Three hydraulic motors and one 10-HP electric motor (for the hydraulic unit) provide the working power.
A normal size tank head can be completed by one operator in approximately 10 to 15 minutes.
Flat heads and dished heads [9" (230 mm); maximum depth of dish] can be sheared & flanged on the Model 87, using the equipment that is standard on the machine. Reverse dished heads can be accommodated with additional tooling.
The maximum major axis diameter is 9' (2750 mm), with a maximum major / minor axis ratio of 2:1. Larger diametric capacity is optional. A 3/4" (19 mm) knuckle radius is maximum on all dished, reverse dished and flat heads. However, with the new Model 87, a 1/2" (13 mm) taller flange height can be achieved over the capabilities of previous machines.


Dishing three elliptical heads

Shearing and Flanging a dished head

Please note the following about these videos:

Three blanks are being dished at one time on the Model 1625 Head Dishing Machine.  Then one dished blank is sheared, and then flanged on the Model 87 Elliptical Head Shearing & Flanging Machine.  Tank head (approximate) parameters:

Material                 mild steel

Thickness             10 gauge                   /           3.5mm

Size                      82.5 x 52 inches        /           2.1 x 1.32 meters           (finish tank head size)

Knuckle Radius     3/4 inch                    /            19mm

Depth                    6 ½ inches               /            165mm                         (overall height)

Straight Flange      1 inch                      /            25mm

The flat blanks are about 2.5 inches/65mm larger all around than the finish size.  In this case, the major axis is 87.5 inches/2.22 meters and the minor axis is 57 inches/1.45 meters.

A ¾” hole is placed in the center of the three blanks.  This hole is used for holding the blanks by the hoist system of the Model 1625.  After the blanks are dished, a carriage screw is placed through this hole of one piece and then a board is pulled down to the dished blank by tightening a nut on this screw.  The bottom of the dished blank is then placed on the seal of the vacuum hold-down system of the Center of the Model 87.  Once the dished blank is aligned properly to the template, the vacuum is turned on.  The dished blank is sheared in one pass.  It will usually take about 4 – 6 revolutions to flange most tank heads.

In an eight-hour shift the Model 1625 Head Dishing Machine should be able to dish about 10 – 15 elliptical blanks.  In an eight-hour shift the Model 87 Elliptical Head Shearing & Flanging Machine should be able to produce about 25 – 30 tank heads.

Please note that these machines are fully capable of working two to three shifts per day.

For high production, the Model 34 Head Forming Machine “blows” the dish radius by air.  This machine is able to produce about 12 – 15 dished (“blown”) blanks per hour.  Please advise if you would like further information about this machine.


Blue Valley Flanging Machine
Technical Parameters:
  • 10 HP, 20 Gal. - free-standing hydraulic power unit.
  • Crated shipping weight - 4300 lbs.


Shears - Models 45 / 45 B & 65 / 65B

The Blue Valley Model 45 and 65, Ring and Circle Shears are designed and built for precise performance and year-after-year dependability.

For increased power and efficiency, these Blue Valley models feature two motor driven blades, and achieve a cutting speed of 40 feet (12.2 m) per minute. From the point where the blade penetrates and separates the material, the blank will be sheared in one pass. The "plunging power" of the upper blade is supplied by a hydraulic cylinder that makes use of an adjustable stop. This feature not only enables the operator to repeat the depth of the cut precisely from piece to piece, it also acts as a safeguard to prevent over-loading the machine.
Machines are shipped fully assembled and meet customer's electrical voltage requirements.

Blue Valley Ring and Circle Shears are available in either Models 45 & 45B or Models 65 & 65B. Models 45 & 45B feature a 1/4" (6 mm) capacity. Models 65 & 65B are rated at a 3/8" (9 mm) capacity. The depth of the throat designates the difference between the standard and the "B" models, within each capacity.

The standard Model 45 shear has a 15 l/2" (395 mm) depth throat, giving the machine the ability to cut a 72" (1800 mm) diameter circle from a 72" (1800 mm) square blank, without requiring the corners to be trimmed. The Model 45B has a 30" (760 mm) throat, allowing a 12'-3" (3700 mm) circle to be cut from a 12'-3"square blank, without trimming the corners. The minimum cutting diameter for both 45 models is 12" (300mm).

The standard Model 65 shear features a 23" (585 mm) depth of throat and can cut a 100" (2500 mm) diameter circle from a 100" (2500 mm) square blank. The Model 65B, with a 36" (915 mm) throat, will accommodate a 12'-3" (3700 mm) square blank. The minimum diameter for Models 65 and 65B is 15" (380 mm).

Capacities are rated in mild steel. For shearing stainless steel, the machine capacities must be down-rated approximately 40 percent.

Blue Valley Ring and Circle Shears
Shear Parameters

Extra Video Footage
All video footage is hosted on another webstite

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